want free mobile restaurant menus that don’t suck?

we’ll handle your mobile menu.

what a year to be a restaurant, right?


If we had to guess, you’re already exhausted from months of unexpected and always-changing COVID-19 adaptations. By now, the entire dining experience at your restaurant has dramatically changed. If you have any energy left, you’re probably trying to figure out what this new, modified in-person experience needs to look like.

While you rightly focus on that, we’re here to make sure your digital restaurant menu experience is nothing short of exceptional.

get on-brand digital menus for your restaurant, free.


Temperature checks.
Confusing mask rules.
Reorganized dining rooms.

With all of those modifications going on, you’re probably not spending much time thinking about how (terrible) your restaurant menu looks on your customer’s phone. And who can blame you? That’s not exactly your wheelhouse.

Let us put an end to zooming in and out.
And finger scrolling around.
And serving up that PDF nobody can read.

we’ll help you setup an on-brand, mobile-friendly, easy-to-read restaurant menu.

qr included

< 1 week


scan or tap for an example.


our free mobile menu service.

an on-brand, mobile-optimized digital menu.

a dedicated QR code for your restaurant.

hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

email access to our team of developers.

easy access to make changes and copy edits.

let us take you from embarrassing to exceptional.

1. deliver.

to start, we’ll need you to deliver things like your logo, readable photos of your menu, and some general info.

2. develop.

we’ll get to work on turning your menu into a finely-tuned, on-brand mobile experience for your customers.

3. done.

< 1 week, we’ll deliver your mobile menu for approval, and once approved, provide you with a QR code to use on-site.

on the house

✓ mobile menu creation
✓ shared hosting plan
✓ dedicated qr code
✓ email support
✓ full backend access
✓ >1 week turnaround


four questions we know you have.

Nothing worthwhile is actually free, right?

Well, sort of. Here’s the deal:

We believe that restaurants have been disproportionately and unfairly targeted by politicians and health leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve likely spent thousands of dollars trying to acclimate while simultaneously seeing significant reductions in revenue.

Transparently, we’re excited to offer this complimentary service because you unquestionably deserve it.

And, as future digital needs arise, we hope you’ll consider the JACO team.

Free menus for you.
Free marketing for us.

Fair enough?

When you say free, do you really mean like free-free?

I know it’s sort of crazy to think that something free is actually free, but our basic mobile menu service is completely on the house. We won’t even ask you for a credit card number or billing information. You’ll have the opportunity to drop us a tip when your menu is launched, but there’s no obligation or requirement to do so.

How can I make ongoing updates to my menu?

You (and/or your team) will be fully empowered to make ongoing updates to your mobile menu. If that sounds daunting, trust us, it’s not. Here’s a quick video walkthrough that will have you feeling comfortable in 3 minutes or less.

the simplicity of your new in-person menu experience.

print it

print your custom QR code on a placard.

table it

place one on each of your tables.

scan it

patrons scan and view from their device.

let’s get started.

Questions first? Drop us a text: , or an email: jason@jco.digital.

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